GDPR Gap Analysis/ GDPR Audit

It's two years post regulatory deadline, you've completed the basics, understood what 's needed for privacy and cookie policy, but need to work backwards to fill in the gaps in your data privacy framework.

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DPO As A Service

When your business moves to the next level, you need the support and expertise to guide you through the maze of data regulatory compliance.

We aim to help guide you and your business through a bespoke and tailored service to ensure that your complying with GDRP and 2018 UK Data Protection Act.

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GDPR Training

Knowing what is the right thing to do in when handling data is a huge battle for staff in a business.

We create unique training programmes based on your requirements for compliance and what it means to your business.

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Since 1993

Data Protection and GDPR

Compliance is compulsory, but it needn't be an enigma.

The General Data Protection Regulation, and the UK's implementation of it in the Data Protection Act 2018 is designed to protect EU and UK residents personal data to ensure it's safe and secure, whilst enhancing data privacy rights. Many companies profess to be in compliance with the regulation, but with varying levels of commitment and adherence.

At Data Prefect, we help business to understand their obligation and commitment to data protection. What the requirements are and the steps that are needed to implement a sustainable and successful programme. Compliance is a journey, and with the right fundamentals to a business, it need not be expensive or disruptive.

Whether your business is a multinational or startup, we create bespoke and sustainable projects to ensure that your journey to compliance is to the standards that you want to adhere to, being data protection, regulatory compliance and beyond

understanding gdpr

What next...

If you believe that you should be compliant, but unsure of the next steps, call us and we can guide you in a coherent and actionable plan.